Q. How can we make order of required items and quantities?
A. We recommend our customers to place their orders to our sales department support@medicalinst, however you can also place your small orders through our website using our online order from. If you have more items to order please contact us.

Q. If we face any problem while ordering online, what should we do?
A. Send your order details or If you have any question what so ever, contact us by email: support@medicalinst or WhatsApp: +34 614 13 80 50.

Q. Can we buy in currency other than US$?
A. Yes, you can buy and pay your bills in all major currencies and you will have the option of choosing your own currency accordingly.

Q. What are shipping methods?
A. We ship big and wholesale orders through Air and Sea freight and the small orders we ship through DHL Express. and Standard shipping.

Q. Which Countries Inter Links supplying its products?
A. Inter Links ships its products all over the world.

Q. How can we buy Inter Links products?
A. If you are Importers, Suppliers, Companies, Hospitals, Distributors, Whole sellers, Organizations and Government Institutes etc., simply let us know the details of your required products. You can contact us through email support@medicalinst or WhatsApp: +34 614 13 80 50.

Q. What is your MOQ’s minimum quantity order?
A. We change our minimum quantity order policy from time to time, you can know it at the moment when you place the order.

Q. What is method of Payment?
A. Our standard payment terms are 50% advance and Remaining 50% at the shipment time, but small orders you can pay through our online payment methods.

Q. What should we expect to happen once we place an online order?
A. As soon as you place an online order you will receive an email of confirmation, and after shipping your order we will send you a tracking number for tracking your order.

Q. What are the different types of finishes and features options?
A. Normally we make the instruments in Satin or Dull finishing and if you need in other finishing please let us know.

Q. Can we place an order for custom products returnable?
A. Custom orders are not returnable. Inter Links guarantees custom made products will be made to your specifications.

Q. Are custom products are returnable?
A. Custom orders are not returnable. Inter Links guarantees custom made products will be made to your specifications.

Q. How long will it take to complete my order?
A. The Manufacturing time depends on the item and order quantity normally it takes 1 to 8 weeks.

Q. What is delivery time of shipment?
A. Small orders we send through DHL Express which takes normally 3 to 7 days and the other method is Standard Shipping which takes 5 to 30 days approximately, it depends on the destination, and the wholesale shipment is about 2 to 8 weeks depending upon quantity of order.

Q. What if an item I have ordered is out of stock?
A. In this case, we manufacture your placed order and ship it to you.

Q. How do I amend an order?
A. If for any reason you would like to amend your order with Inter Links, please write to Customer Service as soon as possible. We will do everything that we can to accommodate your request. We cannot cancel an order once it entered in processing.

Q. What type of stamping on Inter Links products?
A. We normaly stamp our own brand known as Inter Links. However, any company’s logo can be printed on the instruments as well as on tags. Stamping of any company’s brand name is done only on wholesale orders, and will be charged extra. Our stamping method is Laser Printing, The Latest technology in the market.

Q. Give us some packaging details?
A. Usually each and every instrument is packed in polyethylene bags, then these instruments are packed in card board boxes. We are also producing high quality leather cases as well. Instruments are also packed in blister packing, pouch packing and velvet cases.

Q. How can we have Inter Links Catalogue?
A. Our almost 10,000 items are listed and posted on our website so you can choose any item that you want to buy.

Q. What to do if the product you are looking for is not given on our web site?
A. If you have any style of instrument that is not given on our web site, you can send us its name and picture and we will make it for you in case we don’t have it in our stock.

Q. What are your whole sale Prices?
A. Please contact our sale department support@medicalinst for our wholesale prices.

Note: If you have any other question please contact us here. support@medicalinst.